The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

of Gaseous Molecules of Atmospheric Interest

Hannelore Keller-Rudek1, Geert K. Moortgat2, Rolf Sander2, Rüdiger Sörensen1

1Satellite Group

2Atmospheric Chemistry Division

Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Mainz, Germany


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When referring to the Spectral Atlas, please cite our publication:

Keller-Rudek, H., Moortgat, G. K., Sander, R., and Sörensen, R.: The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS spectral atlas of gaseous molecules of atmospheric interest, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 5, 365–373, (2013), DOI: 10.5194/essd-5-365-2013

Cross Sections / Alkenes,polyenes+radicals / Alkenes

Selecting one of the species leads to the list of the corresponding data files alphabetically sorted by the name of the first author.


Formula Name CAS RN
C8H8 cyclooctatetraene, COT 629-20-9
c-C3H2(CH3)2 3,3-dimethylcyclopropene 3907-06-0
c-C3H4 cyclopropene 2781-85-3
c-C5H8 cyclopentene 142-29-0
c-C6H10 cyclohexene 110-83-8
c-C6H9CH3(3) 3-methyl-1-cyclohexene 591-48-0
c-C6H9CH3(4) 4-methylcyclohexene 591-47-9
CD2=CD2 ethylene-d4 683-73-8
CD2=CDCD3 propylene-d6, propene-d6 1517-52-8
(CD3)2C=CD2 isobutene-d8, 2-methylpropene-d8
CH2=C(C2H5)2 2-ethyl-1-butene 760-21-4
CH2=C(CH3)C2H5 2-methyl-1-butene 563-46-2
CH2=C(CH3)C3H7 2-methyl-1-pentene 763-29-1
CH2=C(CH3)CH(CH3)2 2,3-dimethyl-1-butene 563-78-0
CH2=CH2 ethylene, ethene 74-85-1
CH2=CHC(CH3)3 3,3-dimethyl-1 butene 558-37-2
CH2=CHCH2CH3 1-butene 106-98-9
CH2=CHCH2CH(CH3)2 4-methyl-1-pentene 691-37-2
CH2=CHCH3 propylene, propene 115-07-1
CH2=CHCH(CH3)2 3-methyl-1-butene 563-45-1
CH2=CHCH(CH3)C2H5 3-methyl-1-pentene 760-20-3
(CH3)2C=C(CH3)2 tetramethylethylene, 2,3-dimethyl-2-butene 563-79-1
(CH3)2C=CH2 isobutene, 2-methylpropene 115-11-7
(CH3)2C=CHC2H5 2-methyl-2-pentene 625-27-4
(CH3)2C=CHCH3 2-methyl-2-butene, trimethylethene 513-35-9
CH3C(CH3)=C(CH3)CH3 2,3-dimethyl-2-butene 563-79-1
CH3CH=CHCH3 cis-butene-2 590-18-1
CHCH3=CHCH3 trans-butene-2 624-64-6
cis-C2H5CH=CHC2H5 cis-3-hexene 7642-09-3
cis-CH3CH=C(CH3)C2H5 3-methyl-cis-2-pentene 922-62-3
cis-CH3CH=CHC2H5 cis-2-pentene 627-20-3
cis-CH3CH=CHCH2C2H5 cis-2-hexene 7688-21-3
cis-CH3CH=CH(CH3)2 4-methyl-cis-2-pentene 691-38-3
n-C5D10-1 n-pentene-1-d10 60703-97-1
n-C5H10-1 n-pentene-1 109-67-1
n-C6H12-1 n-hexene-1 592-41-6
trans-C2H5CH=CHC2H5 trans-3-hexene 13269-52-8
trans-CH3CH=C(CH3)C2H5 3-methyl-trans-2-pentene 616-12-6
trans-CH3CH=CHC2H5 trans-2-pentene 646-04-8
trans-CH3CH=CHCH2C2H5 trans-2-hexene 4050-45-7
trans-CH3CH=CH(CH3)2 4-methyl-trans-2-pentene 674-76-0

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