The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

of Gaseous Molecules of Atmospheric Interest

Hannelore Keller-Rudek1, Geert K. Moortgat2, Rolf Sander2, Rüdiger Sörensen1

1Satellite Group

2Atmospheric Chemistry Division

Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Mainz, Germany


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Keller-Rudek, H., Moortgat, G. K., Sander, R., and Sörensen, R.: The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS spectral atlas of gaseous molecules of atmospheric interest, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 5, 365–373, (2013), DOI: 10.5194/essd-5-365-2013

Cross Sections / Halogen oxides / Cl oxides / OClO


NAME: chlorine dioxide
CAS RN:10049-04-4

Graphical Representations:


Data Sets:

Formula Author(Year) T λ
OClO BascoDogra(1971) 298K 351.5nm
OClO BascoMorse(1974) 298K 147.3-166.6nm
OClO BascoMorse(1974) 298K 148-183nm(max)
OClO BascoMorse(1974) 298K 172.3-184.7nm
OClO Bogumil(2003) 293K 290-460nm
OClO Bogumil(2003) 293K 292-458nm(2nm)
OClO Burkholder(1990) 298K 240.2-339.5nm
OClO ClyneCoxon(1968) 294K 351.5nm
OClO Flesch(1993) 298K 49.55-190.75nm
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 125.5-148.9nm(F-X)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 127.00-144.29nm(F-X band heads)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 127-477nm(band heads)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 149.0-156.9nm(E-X)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 149.83-156.75nm(E-X band heads)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 154.5-163.5nm(D-X)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 154.68-162.66nm(D-X band heads)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 174.5-184.5nm(C-X)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 176.77-183.08nm(C-X band heads)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 250.1-450.9nm(A-X)
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 268.52-477.05nm(A-X (I))
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 341.00-470.52nm(A-X (II))
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 342.46-458.13nm(A-X (III))
OClO HubingerNee(1994) 298K 363.38-401.89nm(A-X (IV))
OClO IUPAC(2007) 204K 272.93-461.15nm(rec)
OClO IUPAC(2007) 296K 272.93-475.53nm(rec)
OClO IUPAC(2007) 378K 279.64-461.15nm(rec)
OClO JPL-2002(2002) 204K 272-476nm(peaks)(rec)
OClO JPL-2002(2002) 296K 272-476nm(peaks)(rec)
OClO JPL-2002(2002) 378K 279-462nm(peaks)(rec)
OClO JPL-2010(2011) 204K 247-472nm(rec)
OClO Knauth(1979) 333K 270-440nm
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 312.5-440.5nm(1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 320.5-440.5nm(20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 335-418nm(peaks-1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 335-418nm(peaks-20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 336-433nm(peaks-1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 336-433nm(peaks-20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 340-428nm(peaks-1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 340-428nm(peaks-20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 355-425nm(peaks-1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 213K 355-425nm(peaks-20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 233K 312.5-440.5nm(1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 233K 320.5-440.5nm(20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 253K 312.5-440.5nm(1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 253K 320.5-440.5nm(20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 273K 312.5-440.5nm(1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 273K 320.5-440.5nm(20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 312.5-440.5nm(1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 320.5-440.5nm(20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 335-418nm(peaks-1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 335-418nm(peaks-20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 336-433nm(peaks-1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 336-433nm(peaks-20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 341-428nm(peaks-1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 341-428nm(peaks-20cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 355-425nm(peaks-1cm-1)
OClO Kromminga(2003) 293K 355-425nm(peaks-20cm-1)
OClO Marston(1998) 298K 114.9-483.4nm
OClO MartinGareis(1956) 298K 263-414nm
OClO Wahner(1987) 204K 242-476nm(0.07nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 204K 243.0-475.5nm(0.5nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 204K 245-475nm(0.22nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 204K 246.0-474.5nm(0.5nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 204K 246.5-472.5nm(1nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 204K 272-476nm(peaks)
OClO Wahner(1987) 296K 242-476nm(0.07nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 296K 245-475nm(0.22nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 296K 272-476nm(peaks)
OClO Wahner(1987) 378K 242-476nm(0.07nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 378K 245-475nm(0.22nm)
OClO Wahner(1987) 378K 279-462nm(peaks)

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