The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

of Gaseous Molecules of Atmospheric Interest

Hannelore Keller-Rudek1, Geert K. Moortgat2, Rolf Sander2, Rüdiger Sörensen1

1Satellite Group

2Atmospheric Chemistry Division

Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Mainz, Germany


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When referring to the Spectral Atlas, please cite our publication:

Keller-Rudek, H., Moortgat, G. K., Sander, R., and Sörensen, R.: The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS spectral atlas of gaseous molecules of atmospheric interest, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 5, 365–373, (2013), DOI: 10.5194/essd-5-365-2013

Cross Sections / Hydrogen+water / H2O


NAME: water
CAS RN:7732-18-5

Graphical Representations:

H2O_140-207 nm_lin.jpg
H2O_595.06-595.77nm(H2 18O)_lin.jpg
H2O_EUV and VUV_6-207nm_log.jpg
H2O_EUV and VUV_6-248nm_lin.jpg
H2O_VUV(high resolution)_99-114nm_lin.jpg
H2O_VUV(high resolution)_99-114nm_log.jpg
H2O_and D2O_125-186nm_lin.jpg
H2O_and D2O_125-186nm_log.jpg
H2O_and D2O_VUV_94-114nm_lin.jpg
H2O_and D2O_VUV_94-114nm_log.jpg
H2O_and HDO,D2O_125-145nm_lin.jpg
H2O_and HDO,D2O_125-145nm_log.jpg
H2O_and HDO,D2O_140-196nm_lin.jpg
H2O_and HDO,D2O_140-196nm_log.jpg
H2O_near IR_lin.jpg
H2O_near IR_log.jpg

Data Sets:

Formula Author(Year) T λ
H2O Aldener(2005) 298K 870nm
H2O Aldener(2005) 298K 922.704-925.160nm
H2O AstoinDarmois(1956) 298K 16.28-110.94nm(meas)
H2O AstoinDarmois(1956) 298K 16.52-106.63nm(cont)
H2O Bennett(1971) 295K 58.4nm
H2O BrantonBrion(1974) 298K 12.4-248nm(e,e)
H2O Brownsword(1997) 298K 121.6nm
H2O Cantrell(1997) 273K 184.9nm
H2O Cantrell(1997) 298K 183-193nm
H2O Cantrell(1997) 298K 184.9nm
H2O Cantrell(1997) 323K 184.9nm
H2O Cantrell(1997) 353K 184.9nm
H2O Chan(1993) 298K 6.20-206.64nm(e,e)
H2O Cheng(2004) 298K 125-145nm(0.02nm)
H2O Cheng(2004) 298K 125-145nm(1nm)
H2O Chung(2001) 250K 140.0-189.8nm(0.2nm)
H2O Chung(2001) 250K 140-189nm(1nm)
H2O Chung(2001) 275K 140.0-188.6nm(0.2nm)
H2O Chung(2001) 295K 140-195nm(1nm)
H2O Chung(2001) 295K 140-196nm(0.2nm)
H2O Coheur(2002) 290K 396-755nm(line intensities)
H2O Creasey(2000) 298K 184.9nm
H2O Crowley(1997) 298K 184.9nm
H2O Davidson(1989) 1057-3533K 193nm(meas-1)
H2O Davidson(1989) 1618-2333K 193nm(meas-2)
H2O Davidson(1989) 600-3600K 193nm(fit)
H2O Doner(2023) 323K 128.5-240.0nm
H2O Du(2013) 293K 290-350nm
H2O Du(2013) 293K 295-370nm
H2O Fillion(2004) 298K 99.893-113.919nm
H2O Friedrichs(2002) 1540–2240K 174nm(fit)
H2O Friedrichs(2002) 1558–2226K 174nm(meas)
H2O Gurtler(1977) 298K 60.01-125.47nm
H2O Harrison(1959) 295K 156.3-182.9nm
H2O Harrison(1959) 295K 167nm(max)
H2O Harvard(2001) 295K 107.2-108.0nm(0.0002nm)
H2O Harvard(2001) 295K 111.2-111.8nm(0.0002nm)
H2O Harvard(2001) 295K 123.3-124.5nm(0.0007nm)
H2O Harvard(2001) 80K 107.4-107.7nm(0.0002nm)
H2O Harvard(2001) 80K 123.6-124.3nm(0.0008nm)
H2O Hofzumahaus(1997) 298K 184.9nm
H2O IUPAC(2004) 298K 175.5-193.0nm(rec)
H2O JPL-2006(2006) 298K 175-190nm(rec)
H2O JPL-2010(2011) 298K 121-198nm(rec)
H2O Katayama(1973) 298K 70.00-98.08nm(max,min)
H2O Kessler(1993) 298-1073K 193nm
H2O Kley(1984) 298K 121.567nm
H2O Lampel(2015) 298K 332-370nm
H2O Lampel(2017) 298K 362.3nm
H2O LauferMcNesby(1965) 298K 125-185nm
H2O Lee(1980) 294K 105.0-137.0nm
H2O Lee(1980) 294K 121.567nm
H2O LeeSuto(1986) 295K 138-186nm
H2O LeeSuto(1986) 295K 50-140nm
H2O Lewis(1983) 235K 121.4-121.9nm
H2O Lewis(1983) 292K 121.4-121.9nm
H2O Lewis(1983) 367K 121.4-121.9nm
H2O Merienne(2003) 293.1K 775-1081nm(line intensities)
H2O MetzgerCook(1964) 295K 60-100nm
H2O Mota(2005) 298K 114.8-193.9nm
H2O Nicolet(1981) 298K 121.567nm
H2O ParkinsonYoshino(2003) 295K 181-197nm(final)
H2O ParkinsonYoshino(2003) 295K 181-199nm(absolute)
H2O ParkinsonYoshino(2003) 295K 181-199nm(fit)
H2O ParkinsonYoshino(2003) 295K 182-199nm(0.007nm)
H2O Phillips(1977) 298K 18-72nm
H2O Ranjan(2020) 292K 186.450-230.413nm
H2O Ranjan(2020) 292K 192.057-216.328nm(truncated)
H2O Ranjan(2020) 292K 192.057-230.413nm(extrapolated)
H2O ReilhacDamany(1970) 298K 11-42nm
H2O ReilhacDamany(1977) 298K 10.5-50.0nm
H2O Rhodes(2018) 295K 1420.015nm(max)
H2O Schulz(2002) 1230K 190-200nm
H2O Schulz(2002) 1540K 190-215nm
H2O Schulz(2002) 1820K 190-220nm
H2O Schulz(2002) 2010K 190-227nm
H2O Schulz(2002) 2360K 190-230nm
H2O Schulz(2002) 2860K 190-220nm
H2O SchurgersWelge(1968) 298K 119.8-182.3nm
H2O Tan(1978) 298K 21-207nm(e,e)
H2O Tanaka(2004) 296K 595.06-595.77nm(H2 18O)
H2O Thompson(1963) 298K 186-198nm
H2O Tikhomirov(1998) 298K 255,271,289nm
H2O Tsubomura(1964) 298K 158-188nm
H2O Tsubomura(1964) 298K 167.0nm(max)
H2O VatsaVolpp(2001) 300K 121.567nm
H2O Wainfan(1955) 298K 40-100nm
H2O Wang(2022) 283K 290-350nm
H2O Wang(2022) 313K 290-350nm
H2O Wang(2022) 333K 290-350nm
H2O Watanabe(1953) 298K 150-186nm
H2O WatanabeJursa(1964) 298K 85-111nm
H2O WatanabeZelikoff(1953) 298K 106.4-125.5nm
H2O WatanabeZelikoff(1953) 298K 121.4-185.7nm
H2O WilkinsonJohnston(1950) 303K 143.0-186.0nm(smoo)
H2O WilkinsonJohnston(1950) 303K 143.6-184.2nm(meas)
H2O Wilson(2016) 293K 325.12-419.94nm
H2O Yoshino(1996-1997) 295K 120-188nm(0.01nm)
H2O Yoshino(1996-1997) 295K 121-187nm(1nm)
H2O Yoshino(1996-1997) 295K 125-181nm(absolute)
H2O Yoshino(1996-1997) 295K 125-181nm(final)
H2O Yoshino(1996-1997) 295K 125.69-153.22nm(max)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1023-3067K 190nm(meas)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1031-3663K 196.4nm(meas)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1800-4400K 210nm(fit)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1825-4025K 216.4nm(fit)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1918-3897K 210nm(meas)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1918-3899K 216.4nm(meas)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1920-3920K 231.4nm(fit)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 2020-4030K 225nm(fit)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 2036-3634K 231.4nm(meas)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 2058-3668K 225nm(meas)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 2500-3900K 241.4nm(fit)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 2639-3654K 241.4nm(meas)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 970-4300K 190nm(fit)
H2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 975-4250K 196.4nm(fit)

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