The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

of Gaseous Molecules of Atmospheric Interest

Hannelore Keller-Rudek1, Geert K. Moortgat2, Rolf Sander2, Rüdiger Sörensen1

1Satellite Group

2Atmospheric Chemistry Division

Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Mainz, Germany


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When referring to the Spectral Atlas, please cite our publication:

Keller-Rudek, H., Moortgat, G. K., Sander, R., and Sörensen, R.: The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS spectral atlas of gaseous molecules of atmospheric interest, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 5, 365–373, (2013), DOI: 10.5194/essd-5-365-2013

Cross Sections / Nitrogen oxides / N2O


NAME: nitrous oxide
CAS RN:10024-97-2

Graphical Representations:

N2O_EUV and VUV_2-168nm_lin.jpg
N2O_EUV and VUV_2-168nm_log.jpg

Data Sets:

Formula Author(Year) T λ
N2O Barrus(1979) 298K 2.056-2.450nm
N2O BatesHays(1967) 298K 170-315nm
N2O Bennett(1971) 295K 58.4nm
N2O Bertrand(1975) 298K 123.6nm
N2O BrionTan(1978) 298K 20.7-72.9nm(e,e)
N2O Cantrell(1997) 298K 184.9nm
N2O Cantrell(1997) 353K 184.9nm
N2O Chan(1994) 298K 6.1-168nm(e,e)
N2O ColeDexter(1978) 298K 5-34nm
N2O Cook(1968) 298K 60.0-99.9nm
N2O Creasey(2000) 298K 184.9nm
N2O Hessberg(2004) 233K 180.6-217.8nm(14N14NO)
N2O Hessberg(2004) 233K 180.6-217.8nm(14N15NO)
N2O Hessberg(2004) 233K 180.6-217.8nm(15N14NO)
N2O Hessberg(2004) 233K 180.6-217.8nm(15N15NO)
N2O Hessberg(2004) 283K 180.6-217.8nm(14N14NO)
N2O Hessberg(2004) 283K 180.6-217.8nm(14N15NO)
N2O Hessberg(2004) 283K 180.6-217.8nm(15N14NO)
N2O Hessberg(2004) 283K 180.6-217.8nm(15N15NO)
N2O Hitchcock(1980) 298K 16.8-155nm(e,e)
N2O HollidayReuben(1968) 293K 190-220nm
N2O HollidayReuben(1968) 373K 200-230nm
N2O HollidayReuben(1968) 473K 200-240nm
N2O HollidayReuben(1968) 573K 200-250nm
N2O HollidayReuben(1968) 673K 200-260nm
N2O HollidayReuben(1968) 773K 200-260nm
N2O HollidayReuben(1968) 873K 200-280nm
N2O HollidayReuben(1968) 953K 200-280nm
N2O HubrichStuhl(1980) 208K 160-235nm
N2O HubrichStuhl(1980) 298K 160-250nm
N2O IUPAC(2004) 298K 175-240nm(rec)
N2O JohnstonGraham(1974) 298K 190-315nm
N2O JohnstonSelwyn(1975) 294K 210.0-250.0nm
N2O JohnstonSelwyn(1975) 294K 250.3-324.5nm
N2O JPL-2002(2002) 298K 173-240nm(rec)
N2O JPL-2010(2011) 298K 160-240nm(rec)
N2O Lee(1973) 298K 17.6-71.9nm
N2O Merienne(1990) 220K 200-240nm
N2O Merienne(1990) 240K 200-240nm
N2O Merienne(1990) 296K 200-240nm
N2O Nee(1999) 298K 100-212nm
N2O Nee(1999) 298K 138.1-158.3nm
N2O Nicolet(1983) 250K 201-239.5nm
N2O NicoletPeetermans(1972) 298K 130.1-209.5nm
N2O NicoletPeetermans(1972) 298K 212.9-315.1nm
N2O Rabalais(1971) 298K 122.25-214.65nm
N2O ReilhacDamany(1977) 298K 10.5-50.0nm
N2O RomandMayence(1949) 291K 139-233nm
N2O RontuCarlon(2010) 210K 184.950-213.857nm
N2O RontuCarlon(2010) 225K 184.950-228.802nm
N2O RontuCarlon(2010) 243K 184.950-228.802nm
N2O RontuCarlon(2010) 263K 184.950-228.802nm
N2O RontuCarlon(2010) 298K 184.950-228.802nm
N2O RontuCarlon(2010) 324K 184.950-228.802nm
N2O RontuCarlon(2010) 350K 184.950-228.802nm
N2O Selwyn(1977) 194K 173-210nm
N2O Selwyn(1977) 225K 173-240nm
N2O Selwyn(1977) 243K 173-240nm
N2O Selwyn(1977) 263K 173-240nm
N2O Selwyn(1977) 302K 173-240nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 148K 172-197nm(14N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 148K 172-197nm(14N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 148K 172-197nm(15N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 148K 172-197nm(15N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 151K 172.5-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 182K 172.2-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 196K 172.2-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 213K 174-197nm(14N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 213K 174-197nm(14N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 213K 174-197nm(15N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 213K 174-197nm(15N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 223K 173.2-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 243K 173.2-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 268K 173.1-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 301K 172-197nm(14N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 301K 173.0-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 301K 173-197nm(14N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 301K 173-197nm(15N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 301K 174-197nm(15N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 333K 173.1-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 372K 173.0-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 372K 173-197nm(15N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 372K 174-197nm(14N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 372K 174-197nm(14N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 372K 174-197nm(15N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 423K 173.1-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 442K 173-197nm(15N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 442K 173-197nm(15N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 442K 174-197nm(14N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 442K 174-197nm(14N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 485K 172.9-190.0nm
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 503K 172-197nm(14N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 503K 172-197nm(15N14N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 503K 173-197nm(15N15N16O)
N2O SelwynJohnston(1981) 503K 174-197nm(14N15N16O)
N2O Shaw(1992) 298K 48.5-96.2nm
N2O SPARC(2013) 298K 121.567nm(rec)
N2O Starr(1976) 300K 130.2,130.5,130.6nm
N2O StarrLoewenstein(1972) 298K 58.43nm
N2O Sundararaman(1977) 298K 212-250nm
N2O Sundararaman(1977) 298K 212-250nm(1nm)
N2O Thompson(1963) 298K 188-239nm
N2O Watanabe(1953) 298K 150-216nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 169.615-172.526nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 172.526-175.257nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 175.257-178.144nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 178.144-180.581nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 180.582-183.426nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 183.426-185.925nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 185.925-188.740nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 188.741-191.292nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 191.292-193.811nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 193.811-196.493nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 196.494-199.253nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 199.253-201.751nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 201.752-204.389nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 204.389-206.987nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 206.987-209.613nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 209.613-212.042nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 212.043-214.658nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 214.657-217.156nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 217.156-219.796nm
N2O Yoshino(1984) 295-299K 219.976-222.598nm
N2O Zelikoff(1953) 298K 108.2-122.6nm
N2O Zelikoff(1953) 298K 121.9-137.5nm
N2O Zelikoff(1953) 298K 138.0-160.6nm
N2O Zelikoff(1953) 298K 160.0-209.0nm
N2O ZelikoffAschenbrand(1954) 298K 184.9nm
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1000K 185.19-263.16nm(fit)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1000K 190.59-257.28nm(meas)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1250K 185.19-263.16nm(fit)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1250K 190.85-257.61nm(meas)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1428K 185.19-333.33nm(fit)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1428K 190.85-321.34nm(meas)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1667K 185.19-357.14nm(fit)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 1667K 198.31-343.84nm(meas)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 2000K 185.19-357.14nm(fit)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 2000K 198.51-350.12nm(meas)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 714K 185.19-256.41nm(fit)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 714K 190.70-249.90nm(meas)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 833K 185.19-256.41nm(fit)
N2O ZuevStarikovskii(1990) 833K 190.59-250.64nm(meas)

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