The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

of Gaseous Molecules of Atmospheric Interest

Hannelore Keller-Rudek1, Geert K. Moortgat2, Rolf Sander2, Rüdiger Sörensen1

1Satellite Group

2Atmospheric Chemistry Division

Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Mainz, Germany


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When referring to the Spectral Atlas, please cite our publication:

Keller-Rudek, H., Moortgat, G. K., Sander, R., and Sörensen, R.: The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS spectral atlas of gaseous molecules of atmospheric interest, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 5, 365–373, (2013), DOI: 10.5194/essd-5-365-2013

Cross Sections / Organics (carbonyls) / Aldehydes(aliphatic)

Selecting one of the species leads to the list of the corresponding data files alphabetically sorted by the name of the first author.


Formula Name CAS RN
C2H5CH=C(CH3)CHO 2-methyl-2-pentenal, 2M2P 14250-96-5
C2H5CH=CHCHO trans-2-pentenal, t-2P 1576-87 0
C2H5CHO propionaldehyde, propanal 123-38-6
C3H7CH=CHCHO(E) trans-2-hexenal, E-2-hexenal 6728-26-3
C4H9CH(C2H5)CHO 2-ethylhexanal 123-05-7
Caronaldehyde 2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-oxopropyl)cyclopropanacetaldehyde
CD2O formaldehyde-d2, methanal-d2 1664-98-8
CD3CDO acetaldehyde-d4, ethanal-d4 1632-89-9
CD3CHO acetaldehyde-2,2,2-d3, ethanal-2,2,2-d3 19901-15-6
CH2=C(CH3)CHO 2-methylpropenal, methacrolein, MACR 78-85-3
CH2=CHCHO acrolein, propenal, acrylaldehyde 107-02-8
CH2O formaldehyde, methanal 50-00-0
CH2(O)CHCHO glycidaldehyde 765-34-4
(CH3)2C=CHCHO 3-methyl-2-butenal 107-86-8
(CH3)2C(OH)CHO ß-hydroxy(methyl)propylaldehyde
CH3C---CCHO tetrolaldehyde, 2-butynal 1119-19-3
CH3CDO acetaldehyde-1-d, ethanal-1-d 4122-13-8
CH3CH2C(O)CHO 2-oxobutanal 4417-81-6
CH3CH=C(CH3)CHO 2-methyl-2-butenal 1115-11-3
CH3CH=CCH=CHCHO(E,E) E,E-2,4-hexadienal 142-83-6
CH3CHO acetaldehyde, ethanal 75-07-0
CHDO formaldehyde-d1, methanal-d1 1664-99-9
HOC3H6CHO 4-hydroxybutanal 25714-71-0
HOCH2CHO hydroxyacetaldehyde, glycolaldehyde 141-46-8
i-C3H7CHO,(CH3)2CHCHO isobutyraldehyde, 2-methylpropanal 78-84-2
i-C4H9CHO,(CH3)2CHCH2CHO i-pentanal, 3-methylbutanal, isovaleraldehyde 590-86-3
n-C3H7CHO n-butyraldehyde, n-butanal 123-72-8
n-C4H9CHO n-pentylaldehyde, n-pentanal 110-62-3
n-C5H11CHO n-hexylaldehyde, n-hexanal 66-25-1
n-C6H13CHO n-heptylaldehyde, n-heptanal 111-71-7
Pinonaldehyde 3-acetyl-2,2-dimethylcyclobutaneacetaldehyde 2704-78-1
t-C4H9CHO,(CH3)3CCHO t-pentanal, 2,2-dimethylpropanal 630-19-3
trans-CH3CH=CHCHO trans-crotonaldehyde, trans- 2-butenal 123-73-9

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