The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

of Gaseous Molecules of Atmospheric Interest

Hannelore Keller-Rudek1, Geert K. Moortgat2, Rolf Sander2, Rüdiger Sörensen1

1Satellite Group

2Atmospheric Chemistry Division

Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Mainz, Germany


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When referring to the Spectral Atlas, please cite our publication:

Keller-Rudek, H., Moortgat, G. K., Sander, R., and Sörensen, R.: The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS spectral atlas of gaseous molecules of atmospheric interest, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 5, 365–373, (2013), DOI: 10.5194/essd-5-365-2013

Cross Sections / Organics (carbonyls) / Halogenated aldehydes

Selecting one of the species leads to the list of the corresponding data files alphabetically sorted by the name of the first author.


Formula Name CAS RN
C2F5CHO pentafluoropropionaldehyde 422-06-0
C3F7CHO heptafluorobutyraldehyde 375-02-0
C4F9CHO nonafluoropentanal 375-53-1
C6F13CH2CHO triadekafluorooctanealdehyde
CCl3CHO trichloroacetaldehyde, chloral 75-87-6
CCl3C(O)Cl trichloroacetyl chloride 76-02-8
CF2ClCHO chlorodifluoroacetaldehyde 811-96-1
CF3(CH2)2CHO 4,4,4-trifluorobutyraldehyde, 4,4,4-trifluorobutanal 406-87-1
CF3CH2CHO 3,3,3-trifluoropropionaldehyde 460-40-2
CF3CHO trifluoroacetaldehyde 75-90-1
CF3C(O)Cl trifluoroacetyl chloride 354-32-5
CF3C(O)F trifluoroacetyl fluoride 354-34-7
CFCl2CHO dichlorofluoroacetaldehyde 63034-44-6
CH2ClCHO chloroacetaldehyde 107-20-0
CH2ClC(O)Cl chloroacetyl chloride 79-04-9
CH3C(O)Br acetyl bromide 506-96-7
CH3C(O)Cl acetyl chloride 75-36-5
CH3C(O)F acetyl fluoride 557-99-3
CHCl2CHO dichloroacetaldehyde 79-02-7
CHCl2C(O)Cl dichloroacetyl chloride 79-36-7
CHF2CHO 2,2-difluoroacetaldehyde 430-69-3
COBr2 dibromophosgene, carbonyl dibromide 593-95-3
COCl2 phosgene, carbonyl dichloride 75-44-5
COF2 difluorophosgene, carbonyl difluoride 353-50-4
COFCl fluorochlorophosgene, carbonyl chloro-fluoride 353-49-1
COHBr formyl bromide 7726-11-6
COHCl formyl chloride 2565-30-2
COHF formyl fluoride 1493-02-3

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